Two years in my small community!

Hi there! Glad to have you here this week. Hope you all are well :). This week I thought I’d share my experience in living in two extremely different cities

If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’d know my first point of contact when I came to the United States was New York City.

Coming from Lagos and with my experience living there, I wasn’t surprised at always seeing people on the go! For me, NYC can be described as a civilized Lagos! You will encounter traffic jams in Manhattan for example, just as you will in Victoria Island. The only difference is that people are more inclined to follow traffic rules here, compared to Lagos where some drivers don’t really care and they are not usually held accountable for their actions. Also, you can always use the trains to beat some of these traffic jams.

One of the things I love and miss about NYC is the access to anything you will need as a Nigerian despite your being abroad. For example the African Food Market. I also miss my friends of course, the Owambes, the October 1st Carnival in Manhattan where Nigerians gather to to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Day. I miss the beautiful scenery that is Times Square! Oh and I miss Hillsong Church!

Let me now tell you about this small city I currently live in, called Kirksville. It’s in the state of Missouri . It’s soooooooo far from what NYC is like! We have two Universities here and it makes sense that we have those here because it means lesser distractions for students! If this city is ever bubbly, it’s the students that make it so. The two Universities are: Truman State University and A.T Still University. We don’t have a big shopping mall like you will see in other cities. Can you imagine that? The main stores we have here are Walmart and Marshalls. The small JC Penny store we had here was recently closed due to the pandemic. I’m not really mad at the lack of a big shopping mall though, because I’ve always done most of my shopping on line even when I was in NYC. I just needed to add the fact that we don’t have, so you understand where I’m at! 😩

Having lived in both extremely different cities though, one thing I appreciate about my small city is that everywhere is close. I find it so easy to quickly drop my toddler at her day care (if her Dad isn’t the one taking here there) and come back to clock in at my work desk at home. I love the very spacious and clean houses. I love the lack of traffic jams! I love the fact that we have lesser crime rates. So far, I love the peace and quiet!

The interesting thing is that the city of Chicago is 5 hrs away from me by Train. I’m also three hours away from St Louis which is a big city in Missouri. I am 90 mins away from Columbia which is also bigger than where I currently live. When I visit these places, I try to enjoy that big city experience before returning to my peace and quiet! Lol!

This experience has taught me that even if I find myself back in the big city, I will definitely choose living in the suburbs, than living in the main city!

It’s been 2 years and some months I’ve been living here and I’m grateful for my small community.

Have a great week!

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